How Planning Save Me Time And Energy Within My Week


Time is a precious these days. Everyone seems to want it, It seems like their is not enough of it to go around. Many of us are running between what they have to do, also fitting in a meeting or too in the mixes.

Wondering is there more time that we can get. Are there any extra hours that we can squeeze out of our day or even within our week.

I don't know about you. The reality of time never becomes as clear when you start your own blog or business. With all the times that you have to do and the ideas that are churning in your head.

Your wanting to turn it off sometimes, What does this mean. Your to do this is growing at a pace like weed would be. It is so easy to push the necessary thing that you wanting to do by the way side.

I found it best to create a schedule the provided me the structure that give me the doablity view of my time. Be able to get more done within my day. Which eliminating all the stress in my life .

There are two main area that I like to create a schedule around my meals prep time and even my blogging time as well.

I encourage myself to sit down on a Sunday and plan my meals that I have created my weekly schedule with meals. That I will be prepping for. Creating a schedule for writing content for my blog also planning , products i wanting to do.

With the chances of not planning ahead. And you are finding that you laundry had to do, You haven't had the opportunity to go grocery shopping. You haven't been able to write this wonderful blog post. Or you haven't had the opportunity to work on what you wanted to do.

Instead of going through the drive through to pick up unhealthy food to feed there family. Which can be a little costly. The simple solution is by meal planning, creating healthy food for your family to enjoy.

For you blog, It is so simple, by creating goals that are simple to achieve, an accountability partner is a central.

Working smarter on your blog not harder, and have the tools that are practical to use to seeing the growth.

It takes a little planning ahead, can save you a whole lot of time and energy, it will reduce the stress . It give you the structure that you need to things that you are wanting to do.

I challenge you to planning a simple schedule for your week , see how it feels. Guarantee the time you are going to be saving and your energy will increase, You would be able to focus on things you wanted to do.

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How to blog for profit without selling your soul by Ruth Soukep?

How to blog for profit without selling your soul.

Author: Ruth Soukep

Publisher: By Life Well Lived Publications

Release Date: September 13, 2013

Pages: 144

She as encouraged million of followers to her blog to go after their dream and reach their goals. Through these easy implementing tips and strategies for saving money and time.

Well focusing on things that matter the most.

Ruth began thinking about writing a book when she was a full time blogger, At living well spending less. Her husband was a stay at home with her two girls.

It was so important to capture the knowledge of her blog into a book form. When she came out of this was her first book was , How to blog for profit: without selling your soul.

She had no expectation when she put it out there as a kindle book.

To her surprise the first vision had done very well. That is how the 2 version came about that was longer, included it in paperback version also.

It gave her the confidence to create a traditional published book. Creation process for living well spending less was much more personal and difficult.

It is so important to have a accountability partner. the book goes into other opportunity like products, courses, consulting so much more.

This was an amazing book to read, And yes it was fulled with all kind of practical advice along with strategies that will help you in your blogging journey.    Pick up a copy today on Amazon.

You will not be disappointed.

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5 Ways To Help You Improve Your Blog Titles.

Coming up with blog titles isn't a easy tasked to do. Figuring out what to write about can be a little daunting at times. I have a couple of site/resources that help me come up with some killer blog titles that help me with my site traffic.

It is so important to write about what your readers are wanting to learn about. With ideas that people are searching for which is so cruel success of your blog.

After all the more share and views that you recieve the better. Title are so cruel when blogging.

1.  CoSchedule Headline Analyer

2.  Seo Presson Blog title Generator

3. Potent's Content Idea Generator

 4.  Hub spot Blog Ideas Analyzier

5.  tweak your biz Title Generator

These are awesome Resources that are absolutly free to use.  You will be able to create searchable  and catchy blog titles, your reader will be able to click on and learn more about the topic that you have written about.

Implement these resources right away and you will see the growth within your blog.

Becoming By Michelle Obama


Author:  Michelle Obama

Publisher:  Crown

Release Date: November 18, 2018

Pages 448

Genier:  Memoirs:

"An intimate, powerful inspiring memoir of the former first lady of the united states"

Michelle Obama life as a student, a professional, a mother and they first lady  was scrambling to perfect.  She learn ed to understand who she was as an individual and he knew what he was wanting to do with his life.  Rather than the fulfill a preterminded exception of the first black man to become president of the united states.

Michelle  became  her first independent  woman, A working mother that like to help people in her community as well as her own children.  Since this come from a certain point of life.  But it doesn't mean that she will ever stop helping others.

With here grace and elegance with her presence to the whole world as first lady of united state. Even in that roll she still was learning new ways that would be beneficial to help others in the community.

Also to be supportive to your husband and her children,  She is a wonderful roll model to everyone in her community,  and a wonderful mother to her girls.

I'm not an passive reader of autobialogy,  or memoirs:  But this one was something that I could keep running on and on about.   I really learn ed more about the first lady Michelle Obama, I do admire her as a person.

So if you haven't had the opportunity to get a copy of this book.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy from your local library or from Amazon.  You will not be disappointed.  What a great read.  Pick up a copy today.

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How beneficial is your lifestyle to be successful at it ?

How do you define your lifestyle? How are you going to success ed at it. How are you going to measure the amount of success you are wanting?

We are going to be talking about the defining your success in you lifestyle? How you are going to achieve this, and what are you going to do. What are your goals going to be.

Successfulness means on what you are going to do and how high you are going to aim for it. On what achievement along with this vision that you have and the goals that you set for it.

How do you define your lifestyle to be success:

The Answer realizes within you. You are the only one that knows that. So many people think in a different way. They pursue success in their lifestyle in a different ways too. Which can not define what is suitable for them.

How your accomplishments , your success, What it means for your success. The point is if you can focus on your vision and the goals that go long with it.

What is the meaning of success for your lifestyle:

Knowing the key steps of achieve success in your lifestyle, also in your personal life too.

The true meaning of success in your lifestyle goes beyond the factors that go along with it. Of having a better life for you family, That is happier, and stress free. Wanting to make the world a better place as well.

How do you define the word failure:

For trying so hard in achieving that goals that you set for your lifestyle. Which you were aim so high it derailed at some point. Your objectives doesn't match the vision that you set for your lifestyle that you are wanting.

The values in your lifestyle make you the happiest person in the whole wide world.

The relationship with money will be a happy one too. Your family life will be a pleasant one too.

What is the difference with accomplishments and success:

Referring to the result of reaching the specific goals that you have. It results with having a plan or when it has occurred.

It is a process of steps to become successful with reaching every goal that you have set for your lifestyle. Also in life as well. Working towards those steps to be successful in the lifestyle.

What steps do you need to take in have a successful lifestyle.

1. To becoming successful in your lifestyle is to set adequate goals.

2. Define your strategy and your plan on what you intentions of achieving these goals. What is your aim along with the vision that you are wanting.

3. To divide your goals into sub goals that are easier to accomplished and achieve.

Having the discipline is like a bridge crosses over you accomplishment.

Keep in mind to stay focus on the success of your lifestyle and your life too.

So if you enjoy this post or another related post.  By leaving a comment that is meaningful and respectful . I share the love here.

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What Is The Best Solution For Paper Clutter In Your Home To Be Success?

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning this year? What about the paper clutter that is sitting on your kitchen counter, or dinning room table too.

I can admit that I do let it all pile up for some time. My kids and I talk about this on a daily basis. It seems like I'm a paper hoarder of some kind.

The first step is admitting that you have a problem, and finding ways to reduce it to the point of getting rid of it too.

I came up with some ways that will help your tackle the paper clutter so that it doesn't get out of hand.

Spring cleaning for paper clutter that actually works.

What is the culprit of paper clutter and their solutions


As soon as you receive your mail from the mailbox. Sort out the necessary bills that are so important to you. Trash all the junk mail that you receive.

Be sure that you shred all the important information so that it doesn't get into the hands of the wrong people.

It save me time, and keeps it off the counter of my kitchen even off the dinning room table, on my desk all clean and tidy.

School stuff:

Take care of all school papers right away. Which is similar to mail. So that it does not sit around for a period of time. As parents filling out all the important papers, and placing it right back in your child back pack. To return it to school immediately.


The dreaded bills Yes they are here. Open them right away and get rid of all the unnecessary ads or envelope that come with them.

It is best to pay the bill as soon that it comes in. Taking the time an create a filing system that will work for your needs.

I like to keep the monthly bills in a file folder according to when they will get paid. For myself is keeping the receipts for about seven years.

After that time I begin the process of shredding them with my office shredder.


So many magazines sitting their piling up. I always say that I'm going to read them when they arrive. But new ones keep coming in each month.

It is necessary to get rid of all the old ones, So if you decided to keep your magazines, Put them in magazine holders. To keep them organized and tidy as well.

The Best solution that you can uses that actually work:

First method:

File it, Recycle it, shred it, Take care of it immediately.

Clean off counters, even your dinning room table, even your desk in your office:

Once a week is a good time to go through what you have on your counters, or items on your dinning room table, or on your desk.
And seeing if these items is something that you are wanting to keep.

Deciding what you are going to do with it in method one.

Establish a daily or weekly routine:

At least once a week or on a daily basic to tackle some of the piles of paper clutter that you have. That you are so afraid to tackle.

Which you have establish is daily or weekly routine comes part of your routine. Not being cumbersome in any kind of way.

Scheduling 10 -15 minutes pre day :

to be able to tackle at least one pile of papers at a time. So that it does not become overwhelming to you.

So amazing what you can get done in that time frame.

having some fun with it:

Give yourself some small reward when you achieve your goal. Which you will be so proud of yourself for doing so.

The best tool that you would ever need is your shredder:

It has the high quality that a shredder need to shredded millions of paper that you have.

So if you are looking for one that it has the quality that you are looking for. Walmart has you covered.

So once you have through all the paper clutter that you have. It is time to spend quality time with your family to make all kinds of memories that you are wanting..

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Creating Cozylaurascornerjars to benefit my success?

I was a stay at home mom for awhile until I returned back to the work force after my divorce in 2011. My life was so chaotic and overwhelming, with all the changes that i had to make.

Not having organizational system in place it was so difficult for me to function in some kind of way. By taking care of my two boys in a way that gave them the stamina that they are wanting.

As we transitioned from the divorce into a life that I always wanted. A long with a household I always wanted, that is running so smooth, which I was craving for a very long time.

It got to the point that I was purchasing items on an impulse, and collecting all kinds of things that will fill a void. I would do this on a daily basic. Until It took over my life, even my budget was so out of control, I was struggling to keep the bills paid. Even had a hard time putting food on the table, and be able to have good nutritional meals for my boys.

Then My older son and my siblings had to remind me that I was becoming a hoarder at some point.

I realized that I had to find something that will fill my time, that will help me learn the skills. That would help me stay on track with organization, along with the skills that I need to create a budget.

Understanding the process of meal planning and I could make good healthy meals on a budget.

For me it was so simple to pick up something that was quick and easy to prepare and have ready right away. I wasn't a fantastic cook, I used alot of recipes that I found in cookbook that my grandmother gave me.

I felt that I was running to often to the grocery store, for items that I forgot to get. I felt like I was running all the time.

Meal planning was something that seems to be a little intimating to me. This was something that My mother wasn't able to teach me the skill. Until I started to surf the interest for more information about it.

The more that I read on it. The more excited I became. So I started with a old notebook, and writing down some meal ideas. I made this process creative and fun, My boys could have an input as well.

Creating a budget to stick to one:

Creating a budget was a little daunting for me. I had the concept of saving most of my life. But somehow it went by the way side for me.

I was able to talk with my sibling to get a better understanding of it. Then I realized this was something that I would see my parents doing. It was hard for me to grasp the concept of creating and sticking to a budget.

What kind of organization system would be use to tidy my home:

This is something that I have struggled for a long time. I can say I wasn't the most organized person by nature. I thought i was doing it well enough.

I knew that I need some guidance in this department. So this is how Cozylaurascornerjars. Was founded.

Where I find the clarity of who I am and what I want to be a better organized person, that commits to her goals. Along with planning tools that helps her along the way. creates worksheet that help her plan the next step in her blogging journey is going to be.

 Celebrate all the victory along the way.

Declutter Your Office To Be Successful In Being Organzied?

It doesn't matter where you are working, But matters is how you are going to be working. Continue working in a messy office that is unclutter full of unnecessary things. They are cluttering up the space that you are working in. Real isn't a good mix for as a blogger.

And all the distractions that come along with it. Will effect your work in a negative ways.

So if you are someone that has the standard knowledge of working in front of a computer, the work space. all though the work that you do is with the computer, Your offices revolves around how productive you are. With all the processable are endless.

Having a while organized office has alot of benefits. Which provides you with the confidences along with the sense of control of what you are working on. Which lends towards high level of productivity .

Being organized defeats all the distraction that are around you. Having an organized office give you the sense of what work is coming and also understanding what you have to do. And set yourself for great success.

Start the purging process:

The kind of workspace that we want to work in, You can not do anything without starting the process of purging. Which does depend of how messy your office is.

Purging can take up to a few hours or a whole day depends on the condition that it is in. The goal is having an office that is clean of all the clutter that you have.

creating a catch free zone:

Even office needs a place for the incoming junk mail that come in.

The three most important types of junk mail are as followes:

1. Important documents

2. Even all the important junk like mugs, jackets, so on.

3. All the trash that you have.

Your office as different zones that you can create a catch it free zone. Choice that area that you would like to install one for all the incoming junk mail that you receive.

The catch all space, can be near the entrance of your office, or you may use like desk organizers, or the desk shelves. Shelf hooks even the trash can will work well too.

Keeping your desk clean and organized:

It is so important to keep your desk clean and well organized. As blogger we love to have our desk clean and unclutter it give us a sense the more productive on how we work.

The Benefits that we are going to receive is out of this world. You are creating a work flow that keeps you on track in creating amazing content for your blog.

It is best to create two zones:

Not all the work created equal. You have the prospective of two zones.

1. Zone one: is your computer stations. This is where you do all your creating and writing the amazing content for your blog. And do all the work that you have schedule to do. Also spend most of your time working on the computer.

2. Zone two is the non computer station: Is where you do the non computer stuff that you are working on. It can done at the same desk. Or at a place that has a clear of monitors, even chargers, or cords.

you would be able to thumb through documents, or place a stamp on your outgoing mail. And so much more.

having a physical place to put your few things in your drawers on your desk.

Purchasing a bigger trashcan for your office:

This might be so silly for actually doing this. But it a time save when you receive all the pieces if paper that go into the office so that you would be able to discard them. Instead of filing them.

What Is The Benefit Of Goals How Do We Be Successful With Them?

If you are able to successful in setting and achieving your personal goals, for yourself. You will see the benefits from it. Even when your fall short of achieving this special goal you have set for yourself to achieve.

These positive and encouraging words said by a famous writer Benjamin Mays. The tragedy of life doesn't not reaching there goals. The tragedy of list is not having goals to reach.

Here are a few tips that I learned in helping me create goals, and sticking to them.

1. Which provides direction:

Goals give you a sense of direction and have a destination that goes along with it. It aims you in the right direction and directs your effort towards that goal.

Also so helpful with a guide where you need to be in life. Even when you set lifetime goals, which give you a destination on how you are going to reach that goal that was set. Instead of going through life without a proposed and not know the direction that you wanting to go.

One of the great things in the world is not so much of where you are, and what direction is this moving too.

2. what is so important to have a clear focus:

Your goals have a clear focus on what is benefit to you. And have the importance for you. What you are going to accomplished with these goals.

Which take time to reflect on your hopes and dreams, and what you are wanting to accomplished in life as well. What goals that are important to you .

With the systematic and conscious focus your attention of the goals that you are wanting . So if you are don't setting well thought out goals, You tend to do things that are not important to you.

3.  Having the clarity of mankind decisions:

Focusing on goal setting is so important on what is you are wanting, and what you are going to be accomplishing. Also where you are wanting in your future and your life too.

Being prospective help you make those decision that are important to you. So if you know which direction that you are wanting to go.

You will be able to make better decision on how that you are wanting to proceeded. You understand what is so important to you, and how am I going to achieve them.

 4.  Are you wanting to take control of your future:

Setting goals will help you take control of your future. So without them you tend to drift away from what you are wanting in life. You wouldn't have a plan in life is where you are heading. And you are going with the flow so to speak.

By setting goals give you a sense of control of what is ahead of you and how you are going to get there.

By taking the time to write it down along with the steps and the plan on how you are going to achieve them. Which you are going to have this plan for the future as well.

So that you are not wandering aimless in life. To be able to know where that you are going, and what you are going to accomplished with it.

With control your life if you are going to be successful or be a failure as well .

By establishing your goals along with a plan for each goals. that has the goal that has a plan for you to accomplished those goals. Also keep you focused and not go by the side way for veer off in some kind of way.

Having goals give you a sense of a good thinker that will give you a sense of working towards them. A sense of achieving them.

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As A Mom Planning Your Day To Be More Successful?

As a mom you're pulled in so many direction? It seems like everyone one will like your attention at the same time? And you are so overwhelmed with everything you have to do..

All you are thinking about is a quiet space on the beach reading this amazing novel and sipping on a glass of vino. Listening to the wave in the background.

Then reality hit! Your a mom and you have to put out so many irons in the fire An managing everything you have to do is such a challenge at times.

Getting organized is something that I struggled with for a very long time. I would uses planners after planner for a couple of week, and I would derail at some point.

I felt so unproductive, but I still wanting to have my home spotless. And having my mom life in tip top shape as well. This is an endless batter at times. Your still wondering if their is some kind of solution that goes along with it.

It is how you organized your time as a mom is so important. To Have a successful day as a mom it takes planning and organizing what you need to do with your day.

Getting Organized:

There is not enough time in a day to get everything that you are wanting to do. Since you prefer to use the apps or the digital calendars on your phones. or even on the computer as well.

So if this isn't what you are wanting to do. Go down to walmart, target, with the mission of finding an daily organizers that fix your needs.

I'm a visual kind of person that uses a monthly calendar where I write everything down, and I can assign labels. Also document everything on paper in pen or pencil. So I could make changes if I need to. My sister mention to me that their are apps for that correct.

But I stated to her I prefer this method. The reason was that I could keep track of everything that I need to do, also to be able to stay focused, on organized.

The question that she still had was why all the scheduling and what do you need it for. I mention to her that I need these schedules as a busy mom, a working mom, to help me stay organized.

Getting my home in order:

I would not cook that often, but when I do. I would pick at an complain of what a mess that I had made. Cleaning my fridge or my kitchen is something that I hate to do.

At the time my mother would say that i need to get my kitchen and home in order. Which I was angry with her. I realized that she was right on this point.

Since I'm a mom and I'm there it is my job is to keep everything neat and clean also tidy in my home. I know this process can be overwhelming.

What I did get rid of items that I didn't use also didn't need anymore. Which was an eye opener that i was a hoarder at this point.

Planning Ahead:

Know that my day planned the night before. So that i would not glue myself at my computer doing other things. by the end of the day I was able to cross off items that I was able to completed.

And i was able to plan item that i need to do the next day. So that I would have a schedule on my fridge and knowing what i need to do on a daily basis, that keep me organizes. And keeping me on track with cleaning my home.

Best to create an routine:

Doing the same routine over and over again on a daily basis, can be overwhelming. So if you have children that is going to start school. I is best to create a routine along with a schedule, I was able to write down and schedule that everyone can see.

And have the understanding of what they need to do for dinner. So that their isn't any confusion that you may run across.

4 Tips For An Essential Blog To Be Successful?

For me writing is something that is absolute a most for me to do regular. writing an excellent way that I could stretch my creative juices in a way of a creative outlet for me.

To be able to express myself, engage and share with the world in a new way. Even though I wasn't bitten with the writing bug. I find it not too late to start writing again.

Starting a blog wasn't an easy task for me at first, Know that blogging is a way that I could connect with others. With the same interest as myself. I was able to promote myself as the author of this blog. And I was able to share my creativeness in a fun way as the cause.

But I struggles and stumble on not taking the time beforehand to plan and prepare the steps in a correct way.

Feeling that one of the reason that i did adquire was that I didn't do the proper planning I wanted to give up. I wanted to end my blogging venture sooner then later.

So if I would have learn ed these tips before i launched my first blog, it would have been successful.

I have learn ed some amazing tips that will set your blog up for successful, thrive and grow.

1. Knowing your subject:

You might think of this as an obvious point. When I started out I was so passion it about what I was going to write about. With any creative field, Knowing when your personal feeling in play of your writing.

Before I started with my blog, I should have practice how to write an article on any subject of my choosing. Understanding that these topic are relevant to your blog. It will give you more time to practice your writing skills.

2. Knowing your audience:

It is so important that we understand what the demographic of your audiences. Knowing the topic that you are writing for. So that it is suitable for your audiences.

For the audience it will depend of the subject that your blog does cover. You should consider writing for the audiences that you resonate with.

The reason that you are writing for people like yourself. Keep this point in mind when you are writing is a good habit to get into. It would encourage you to consider if your writing is suitable for your readers or not.

Madness of marketing:

Anyone can put out a blog. Even though your are a good blogger and you are serious about your endeavor of updating your blog. You have written excellent content, But know one is able to find it.

So with the right marketing strategy You would be able to get your blog seen by millions of people.

I didn't have the skills or the understand and the knowledge of how marketing worked . how to create a marketing plan that actually worked for my blog.

By writing regular. You have to pay attention on your SEO even when you want to maximizes the potential of your blog. To receive higher ranking in the search engines.

Not to overcomplicated things:

So in your writing I have losing myself in it. And forgetting the purpose of what I was writing about. Which I realized that this was happening and I soon found the nature of writing again.

Having a blog is a wonderful experiences, but it does require alot of dedication and time on your part. So if you are wanting to earn an income with blogging, it take more time for you to build your income and your audiences.

The more effect that you put into it. The more reward that it will bring. So happy blogging to all.

Popular routine for an organized mom to save their sanity?

I was thinking when I was driving about how I could have a better life as a mom. I see myself preparing my sons lunch also getting our morning breakfast ready in the morning.

So that we can spend a little quality time and Wish him good luck and have a beautiful day a school. And seeing his smile on his face as a walk out the door an get in my car and on the way to work.

Wondering how I'm going to get everything done that I have to do for my blog also what I need to do in my home as well. I Si on knowing that I have so much to do.

And wonder how am I going to get it all done, before I have to return to work for the afternoon session. I can't wait for nap time, Not knowing if i have the time for one. I wouldn't change a things.

But seeing my entire paycheck going towards all the expenses and the repairs of our home. You wish that you could be able to stay home and be a stay at home mom, or be able to work from home instead.

In the back of my mind is that I wanted to have a better life some how. The point is that I don't miss the life that I had before. And I love being a mom and raising wonderful boys. And I would not change it for the world.

I would give them the shirt of my back, I love them with my whole heart and soul.

But my home is still a mess. And my life is so chaotic. My home is not in an organized mess way. It was a mess. Their was know way around it.

My boys asked if I would declutter in some way. Be able to get rid of something when I had the time. I asked them what time are you asking for, Even what time line do you want me to go by.

I felt so lost, with everything that I had to handle. The strength of my boys kept me going at some point. I didn't have any clue how to handle everything.

I was finding myself saying that i couldn't keep up with everything. It was difficult for me to keep up. With my boys, cooking and cleaning, laundry, all the errands that I had to do, even paying the bills, and so much more.

It felt like a big to do list. That I was not grateful for. I wanting it to change, But I don't know where to begin.

I go you mom's:

I have been there, when I was not able to do the dishes or even the laundry and found that it was difficult to do. All that I wanted to do is sit down, and forget about everything.

But i can do this. There is no such word as can't we are moms not supper women. I sat on this blog actually for weeks now. What to write and how could I help.

Or what to say. I can up with some Idea for you mom's

I was able to find a way to get everything done. Be able to find the motivation to get everything done and keep going as well. The love, even the fight with the urgency and how.

By finding the right system for you. Even a daily routine for yourself and your family too. And finding the routine that work for your family, and their needs.

A routine is so important, yes it is. Creating a routine that everyone understand, as they learn and grow. Have the understand how it is goes.

Understand the values, along with the boundaries.

1. A Daily Routine: I know you have hear of this..By having one is gives your home the balances that it needs. I would like to suggest if you don't have one . Create one.

2. Mom's routine: You might think this is crazy . It changes the entire household dynamic, when I also have an routine too. By cooperating your routine with your daily routine.

3. Decluttering and organizing routine: This might seem a little overwhelming at first. Your making this harder then your think it is.

4. housework, cleaning, organizing routine: I'm wondering how my cleaning schedule would be. Do you have one. It does make whole lot of different if you have one.

Even thought I haven't written one down, It does get easier and easier over time.

5. My boys have their cleaning routine and a to do list: I will tell you this is so wonderful to have. It teaches them responsibility also understand you expect of them.

Being Organized Is Part Of Being Successful In Life?

For many years i felt empty inside. I didn't now where to Begin in uncluttered my life even my home. Wanting to find some tips and strategies that would help me in my journey of a unclutter lifestyles.

But I was still wondering what are the benefit of being organizes? It is a potential long list. I narrowed it down to the ones that affected me the most. These are some that I considered to have the benefit of being organizes. In life, my home, even at work as well.

1. Less stress:

One of the reason that I burn calories with staying on tops of everything that I have to do. An example of this, I make an concrete effort to start uncluttered my home by keeping it clean and tidy. Also my screen in porch, even my bedrooms too.

I have created a cleaning schedule, also some time to do some unclutter of area that I'm not able to get too. I also created a bullet board, that I would have my keys, my meal plan, even my cleaning schedule, also my grocery list. Also my weekly menu on it as well. So when I need them I will be able to know where they are. It factor in reducing the stress level too.

2. Relaxing more:

I saw this funny bumper sticker on the back of this vw, that said the organized people are so lazy to search for stuff. I thought that was so cute and so funny too.

So if you rather be lazy with less time running around spending more time doing the things that you are want to do.

3. Spending time with your family:

Being able to have a clear and uncluttered mind in your personal and professional life. Which means that I would be able to spend more time with my family, also with my kids as well.

And knowing that I took care of the stuff that I need to do at work, also at home too.

4. Life throws your a curve balls:

I know how this goes. Life does put a kink in our words, also in life too. It does interrupt your plans in benefits of being organizes.

Be able to know what I have do. By having a plan with a strategies in place I will be able to stay focus on needs to done.

5. Overwhelming is manageable:

I didn't believe this until it happen to myself. I didn't care to learn these skills when I was younger. Until later in life, I had to learning these valuable skill that I do use today in my home and work, also in life too.

What a wonderful feeling to have when you focus on the action steps between you and done. Clearly identify what I have to do. Sometimes my to do list is a little daunting at times.

6. Being a better example for my kids:

Spending alot of time behind a computer, and writing awesome articles for my blog. Working on this and that. I felt that I was so productive, In the bad of my mind know how my kids would feel about me.

I wondered what kind of messages I was telling my kids. As adult I know that I work to much. I know that my blog is so important. Wanting for my kids to be productive of course as a adult .

I want them to enjoy life, too, and not spending so much time working. Have more time spending with them.

7. Not taking in so many jobs:

So if you miss a day or two with laundry you are consider to be behind at some point. I would be spending alot of time digging myself out of the biggest pile of laundry. By even by doing one or two loads of laundry pre week can help get you on track.

8. Being productive:

By knowing where everything is and what your goals are going to be, taking care of the busy things at work. So that I would have more energy for the bigger picture of life.

Having and organized life take some time in doing. you will slip up from time to time, No one is clean and clear all the day of your life style. Just be the best that you can be. And make the changes that you need to be successful in your life your home, also in your work too.