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How to Promote your Blog post Effectively?

Struggling with growing your blog?  It is so critical 
that you take the time to promote it. Unfornately
the old theory comes to mind.  If you build it, the 
growth will come.

This doesn't apply to blogs.  There are thousands
of blogs  being tracked by blog search engines,
such as google and many more.  By publishing 
compelling content to attract the awareness, 
to drive traffic to your blog.

You need to invest some time promoting it
the old fashion way  by giving your blog a 
traffic boost.

Here are some simple and easy blog pormotion,
you can do for free, to help you increase your blog 
traffic and awareness to your blog.

1. Like commenting on other  blogs:

This is one of the most simplest way to promote 
your blog, by leaving a comments on other blogs.
So each time that you leave a comment, there is
a space on the comment form to place your blogs

People will take notice and follow back to learn
more about your blog and you. Read more on 
what you are saying.

2. Post Frequently:

It is so important to post content consistently, to 
keep it fresh and up to date as well.  You also keep in 
mind that you can boost the potentional of each post
that will lead to traffic to your blog. 

3.  Participate in online forums:

It is best to join forums is related to your Blog topic
or niche. Become active as a  contributing memeber
of the blogging community.

including your blog link, with your signature, so that 
you are always available to other memebers.

4.  Using Social Media:

There is alot of promotional opportunities on social media
provides us. You might want to consider joining social 
media sites, such as facebook, or Pinterest, even on mix. 
And join many bloggers on twitter, by  including your link
along with some content that you are going to be sharing.

All of these are the most effective way for awearness of 
your presences to your blog,  to get more exposue.

5. You might want to link other blogs in your own blog post:

You might want to try including some of your favor it
Links in your own blog post, on topic that you have 
really enjoyed. 

Other blogger can see your coming in on their stats
report, to give you more exposure to your presence.

6. You might want to consider holding a blog contest:

By having a blog contest it drives traffic to your blog . 

7. Guest post:

This is one of the most popular way  is offering your 
services to other bloggers in your niche. Particular the
ones  that get more traffic then yours does.

Guess posting is a good way to promote your blog, and 
write your thought, that other are interesting to get to
know more about you and your blog. 

8. Would you like to join a blog carnival :

Is the simplest way to link your blog in front of a lot
of people, that are more closely to your blog topic, that
the carnival, the more traffic that you are going to recieve.

How to create budget friendly meals?

Are you trying to save money on food? If so,
Why don't you start planning your meals for 
the next few days, or for a week ahead.

This will take a little bit of time, It will help 
you save money in the long run.

Here are some tips that I learned to help 
in getting started with creating a meal plan.

1.  Making a menu:

Deciding what meals that you are going to 
make for lunch and dinner. Take a look of 
the list of meals that are your family favor it. 

Begin writing them down on your handly 
weekly  menu. So when a plan that comes
together,  Your most likely going to be spending
Money on fast food, or some convience meals. 

2. Planning your meals around  food that is on

Check your local grocery store flyer for what is
on sale.  Check the local newspaper inserts, even
coupon sites, online.  You will be surprised what
good buys are available.

Just make sure your purchase items that you are
planning to use.  Instead letting them going to waste.

3. Plan for one meatless meal once a week:

Here are some good sources of protien that 
you would be able to incorporate as a meatless
meal, Such as legume, eggs, peanut butter, 
tofu even a can of fish, beans, and so much more. 

4.  Checking your pantry, refrigerator, Freezer,:

Take a look at the expired date on the food and
ingrediates that you have on hand.  You have to 
decided which onces that you are going to use up

5. Enjoy more gain more often:

Grains such as rice, pasta, even barley, couscous
are inexpensive can be used in many recipes,  You 
might want to try it in soups, stews, or in a salad too. 

6. Just avoid recipes that use special ingredients:

Some of the different recipes call for special ingredients,
But you are wondering if they come in a smaller package
How much does it cost? Could I use it in other recipes?
Does it go back in some way?

Is is worth purchasing the item? but is is fun to 
experimint while you are cooking, which you are amazed
of the finished product.

7. Looking for seasonal recipes:

Alot of the vegetables and fruits are cheaper to 
purchased when they are in season.

8. Plan for leftovers: 

Might want to think about how you are going
to use your leftovers. So if you cook a roasted
turkey with vegetables and rice. 

You would be able to make a sandwhich and
take it for lunch on monday, tuesday, and 
with the bones, you would be able to make
a good chicken noodle soup.

9. Making extra:

you don't want the extra vegetables go to wasted
why don't you make and extra pot of soup, or if you
have purchased ground beef on sale, why don't you
make an extra batch of lasagna.

10. having a general idea what your family
favor it meals are. 

Have your family take part in helping you planning
a menu.  Just like your favor it ingrediences that 
are in season and go on sale.

Having a morning routine that really matter to you.

I am a big believe in the power of the morning.  
How you start your day  has the impression of 
how your day is going to finished. 

It is obviously when your day doesn't go as planned. 
It might have started out slowly and lazily that leads 
into an overall a lazy day.

It really isn't a good idea to have a restful day, which 
isn't a normal practices.  So on the other hand by starting
your day  out right.  Your productivity  has an positive 
impact  on your whole day.

I make it my goal to start out my day on a postive note. 
Which leads to more productivity, effectiveness, along 
with peacefulness that my day will bring. 

Even when my day doesn't go as planned, I can  look 
back and know that this wasn't intented to start out
this way, from the start. 

Taking time with the lord:

I believe  in quailty time with reading , and spending 
time with god's word in prayer.  So important for us
in living our lives  as a Christain.

So this is one of your burden tasked on your to do list. 
is something that we need to refreshes our minds and 
hearts and our souls to start your day off right. 

The word is full of distraction, that temps us not 
to be successful in our day. So it is so important 
that we full our minds and heart of him. 

Here are some things that I do in my morning time:

* Read my devotional along with scriptures
*I give my praise to him by pray.
* Making a to do list.
* Creating a graditude list. 

Creating a To do list, Praying over it:

One of the first thing that I do to start my day 
is making a to do list.  Some of you might 
think this is silly, I pray over it. 

This is another way for me in making sure that I
focus on the lord, and keep him in my mind and 
heart, He keeps me on track with what I have to do
within my day.

He give me the clarity to narrow it down Just three
priorities for the day. This also helps me with the 
feeling of accomplishment.  I might not be able
to cross everyting off my list. 

Be able to get those three things done, And feel 
good about it.  Occationaly I have a lazy day. 
when I don't have my hair combed. And I don't 
any make up on. 

These are real clothes , instead of the yoga pants 
I used to wear.  The look that I was going for, is 
being showered and looking decent. 

You're feeling more motivated  to get 
thing done with your day.
You will be ready to face your day 
from the right.

Learning how to make over your morning 

Developing your morning routine the night 
before. That acutally works and sets yourself
up for success.

Be able to stream line your morning tasked.
So the bigger priorities are accomplished first.

Learning how to create a to do list.  Which 
supports your day.

It is best to establish realistic goals that help 
you to be accoutable for, which you need to 
follow through with them. 

So it it best to invest at least 15 mins a day on
yourself , your home and your family too. 

How you can be organized for the upcoming days ahead?

I told a little time off  from blogging to get over 
the common cold. 

The topic we are going to be  writing about, 
is  how you can be organized for the upcoming
days ahead. 

1.  How do you stage your morning?

A hectic morning can throw your whole day
out of wack.  Which can be stressful when
you are rushing around in the morning.  
Which leads to a whole lot of mistake on 
your part.  

You might be forgeting files that you are 
needing for your special project that you are 
working on this morning.  And the worst thing
 is your first cup of coffee.

So by getting organized the night before,
you will be making fewer mistakes and have
less stress in the morning. 

2. One of the classic ways to keep you organized?

Is making your lunch the night before, and placing 
It in the refrige, place a note on the door reminding
you to take it with you.    

3. It is essential to pick a certain area to put your 
special items in ?

It is so important to place your keys, purse,
kids backpacks, your briefcase. Make it a 
good habit to place those items in the same
place, You would be able to pick them up
as you are going out the door..

Sometime it is best to write yourself a little 
note  to remind you to charge your phone,
take the important files with you to work,

To remind you that you have an important
meeting this morning, you must attend. By
using something that is  more attractive like an
chalk board, that you would be able to place
by your front door. 

4. By planning your breakfast a head of time?

Which will take a couple of minutes of your 
morning prep time.  You will have a general
idea what your family is going to have for 
breakfast in the morning.  

And have everything setup the night before,
will save you a lot of time. 

5. Giving yourself a great start of your day?

By having the dished done and put a way, 
sweeping the floors, even having your table
and your desk all cleaned off. 

Not only you are cleaning all the clutter from
your home your mind also.  It really makes it
so simple to find the things that you have 
mist placest. 

6. Having a general idea of what the weather is 
going to be? 

As we know that the weather can change within
the day.  It might start to get colder, or it might
start heating up with in the day.

Deciding what outfit that you are going to be
wear, that would be comfortable for all day.

You have to make sure that everything matches
and fits, that you have all the accessories to go 
with it.  

7. You have to think about if you are going to 
be walking to work or taking public transportation.
You have  to decided what kind of shoes that are 
going to be comfortable to wear.

The different trends that blogger should know about?

Have you every though on taking your blog to 
the next level?  You couldn't imagen blogs being 
on the internet for decates?

How are blog the most popular way an effective
in marketing tools that are out there?  Your still
wondering how you can take your blog to the 
next level in 2019?

What are some blogging trends that we need to look 
out for. 

1. Video, Video, Video

The most popular trend right now is coordinating
video in your blog post.  
People attention span is changable from time 
to time. But it doesn't effect the way they consume

At the moment  the different type of content that is 
being consumed is leaning toward videos.
One of the most largest search engines that is 
owned by google  is Youtube.  

Google loves when you upload your video on 
youtube and used their products on websites. 
You will recieve higher ranking in google. 

2. Writing longer blog  post is one of the most 
popular thing these days. 

It seems to be a  contradiction between 
the video trend, But it seems that longer blog
post are the most popular trend right now.  

Google ranks longer blog post  at least 1,000
words if, they satified the valuable relevant 
content requirement. 

So if you wanting to do well in the search engines.
you would have to produce regular relevant  content
that will update your website.  The relevant content

come from experts in your field.  The give you  advice
and tips around the topic that you are writing about.
Many bloggers worry that they are giving out too much 
information that their reader will be consuming. 

As they are reading your blog post it will make them 
think about it. 

3. Blogging trends go towards telling your story.

Telling a good story has been an asset to many 
of us. Telling your story even in your blog post, or 
if you have done it privately or even around a 

One thing that you remember is the facts, and 
figures, of a story. But you are still wondering
how story telling can work as a marketing tool. 

By having a good opening statement that tells 
your story that finished in a good conclusion.
So whatever that you are writing about, and it is
done well that is called story telling. 

But your are still wondering how you are going to 
incorporate these trends in your blogging  in the up
coming months ahead.

You Can implement these trends right now
and you are on your way to success.